10 Tips on Vape Battery Care and Safety

There are many stories on the internet about “faulty” or “defective” vape batteries which is no more than scare mongering.

These articles never mention what led to these batteries to be faulty. As with every other electrical device or appliance, vape batteries also need to be maintained and cared for. Battery safety is of utmost important as “exploding” or vape batteries “catching fire” can often be attributed to poor battery care.

Besides battery safety, caring for it can also extend its life.

vaping batteries

Below are some tips to care for your battery:

  • Ensure that your vape battery is of good quality and not a counterfeit.
  • Always handle with care. If the battery seems to be damaged in any way, do not use it.
  • Keep the battery wrapping intact. Never carry spare batteries unprotected, make sure to use a battery case to prevent damage to the wrapping. This can potentially lead to the battery being unsafe. Never use batteries without wrapping.
  • Store your batteries at a safe temperature – between 10 and 40 degrees celcius.
  • Use the correct charger and wall wall-plug adapter for your device. Mixing and matching can lead to overloading the battery, which can cause it to burst.
  • Don’t leave charging devices unattended.
  • Don’t overcharge or over-discharge your battery. In other words, don’t charge it for longer than necessary and don’t let the battery run too low.
  • Let your battery cool down to a safe temperature after usage before you charge it and again after it’s charged.

Happy and safe vaping!