Why you are getting a dry hit and how to avoid it

Experiencing a dry hit is more common than you might think, but you can avoid it.

What is a “dry hit”? It’s essentially when you take a drag of your vape and you get a burnt taste in your mouth. When this happens, you should stop vaping instantly until the problem is fixed.

Below are just a couple of potential reasons you are experiencing a dry hit and how to fix it:

  • Chain vaping

This is when you take several hits in a row with no pauses in between. It can spoil your vaping coil as the wick is not allowed sufficient time between hits to absorb vape juice. This leads to the cord to dry out and burn. You should ideally have 30 second breaks between hits to prevent this from happening.

  • Coils aren’t primed

Sometimes you can get a dry hit even if your coil is fresh. Fret not, it’s not always a faulty coil, you might not have primed it properly. It’s really simple to do: soak the wick by trickling the e-juice into all of the coil holes before putting the coil in your tank. Take a “primer puff” before proper vaping. A primer puff is a short and strident pant of your device without striking the ignition switch.

Please ensure that your coil matches your device and check the watt limit and don’t exceed this when vaping. If you do surpass the wattage the coil will most likely burnout.

  • High power vaping

High power vaping spoils your coils. If you exceed your device’s stipulated wattage range, it will result in your coil failing faster. High power vaping also causes the e-juice to evaporate much quicker than the wick can absorb. Stick to the wattage range of your device to avoid the above.

  • E-liquid running low

Don’t allow your tank to run dry or almost dry before re-juicing. This can leave your wick with not enough e-juice to absorb and can spoil your coils. It can result in a dry hit. If you notice that the e-liquid isn’t concealing the input holes on your coils, you should refill and keep it at a reasonable level. If you are thinking to change flavours, simply pour the remaining e-liquid back into the container and drip your new juice.

Follow the above guidelines and you should experience less dry hits.

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Happy vaping.