Call for more rational public health campaigns on vaping

Recently there’s been an outcry from the public calling for more balanced and rational public health campaigns regarding vaping.

The public, and more specifically the media-savvy youth, are asking for campaigns with balanced information and to present the facts as shown by research. They want to be educated through comparisons between vaping and cigarettes, not only to be told that one or the other is bad for them. They don’t want to be swayed, they want the facts to make their own decisions.

The current campaigns are seen as scaremongering and manipulating the facts, which make the organisations behind it seem less than credible.

Although these organisations think that these methods deter people from vaping, what it’s actually doing is keeping key information from the public in order to make informed decisions.

The public perception at the moment is that vaping is just as bad for their health as traditional cigarettes, which is gross misinformation. By being completely transparent and presenting true facts, public health organisations will rebuild trust and credibility which is being eroded through as their bias either way.

The only way the world can strive towards a smoke-free future is to be completely honest with the public with regards to the harm vaping causes vs traditional cigarettes and leaving them to come to their own conclusions.