Canada’s new tobacco strategy

Canada has published its new tobacco strategy, which aims to cut tobacco usage in the country to under 5% by 2035.

As part of this new tobacco strategy, the Canadian Government will explore potential options that will reduce the appeal and the addictive nature of tobacco. They will continue to do this through taxation, price interventions and regulations of nicotine content.

In addition to this, the government will also look at holding the industry accountable through mechanisms such as forcing them to make direct contributions toward costs of tobacco control and public health activities.


The newly approved Tobacco and Vaping Products Act provides for a vapour products regulatory regime as well as plain packaging. This will be implemented along with health warning messages that will be updated. Canada’s enforcement tools will be updated and stay ahead of changes in the marketplace, such as e-commerce and the promotion of products online.

The Canadian Government aims to educate the public on the various cessation methods that exist to assist them in quitting the deadly habit of cigarette smoking. Canada is focusing on harm reduction which aims to reduce the negative consequences of smoking by using less harmful alternatives. “Vaping is less harmful than smoking and by replacing cigarettes with vaping products will significantly reduce a smoker’s exposure to toxic and cancer-causing chemicals,” commented Health Canada.Man smoking e-cigarette

The Ministry cited that the government will seek to update public education resources that will include the development of a new marketing campaign to educate the most at risk youth, young adults and their parents on the harm and risks associated with tobacco and vaping products; and nicotine addiction. Canada is also looking to increase funding to understand the health impact of new nicotine products and how its citizens use it. It will also aid research from health stakeholders by publicly releasing industry reports, research and surveillance findings.

The Canadian government commit to maintain and support the work done globally by the WHO FCTC.

Read Canada’s new tobacco strategy here.