CDC study on vaping as a cessation method

Vaping still has a bad public reputation with a survey showing that only 15% of adults believing that it’s much safer than smoking.

This is a contrast to peer-reviewed research. It found that vaping is the most popular and successful cessation tool on the market at the moment. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published the findings of the study that observed 16 000 smokers wanting to quit between 2014 and 2016. The study looked at which was the most popular method of quitting amongst the group as well as the most successful. Vaping was one of the methods that was observed.

The most popular cessation method at 65% was going cold turkey, but the most popular cessation tool at 60% was e-cigarettes. Participants who chose this method to quit smoking said that it either helped them stop completely (25%) or reduce their intake of conventional cigarettes.

Although the results showed that e-cigarettes was the most successful cessation method out of 10 others, the CDC still have questions regarding its long-term effectiveness.

Fact is that vaping hasn’t been around for long enough to have clear facts on the above and researchers will continue to observe long-term results.