Direct link between e-cigarettes and quitting smoking found

A direct link was found between using e-cigarettes and quitting smoking, but there is a catch.

Smokers trying to quit will have to use e-cigarettes frequently for it to be effective. Researchers from Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Centre, looked at various studies to come to this conclusion.

What they found was that smokers are more likely to quit when vaping than non-vapers. More interestingly was that they saw a direct link between quit success rate and the number of days e-cigarettes were used. It seems that the success rate was higher amongst those who vaped for at least five days in the last month. The success rate also increases by as much as 10% with every additional day of vaping.

David Levy, lead author on the study, concluded that “These results support the use of e-cigarettes – especially, consistent use – as an effective smoking cessation aid. Since e-cigarettes are generally estimated to have a small proportion of the morality risks of cigarettes, this represents an important life-saving intervention that doctors can recommend when other forms of treatment fail.” To read full article here.

Another study cited, “researchers reported that nearly 1 in 4 of those who used e-cigarettes five to nine days over the previous month were successful in quitting, as were 1 in 3 of those who used the electronic devices for 25 to 30 days”.

Numerous studies are showing the same results, which lead to the natural conclusion that vaping is instrumental in helping smokers quit.