An etiquette guideline to vaping

Vaping is gaining rapid popularity. In fact, it’s growing so fast that vapers and non-vapers are unsure what the general dos and don’ts are.

Luckily for everyone, social etiquette company Debrett’s put together a guideline.

Main no-go vaping areas according to a poll conducted with 2 000 people:
  • Restaurants
  • In queues
  • In bed
  • Confined spaces such as lifts, cars, small offices and public transport


Some general don’ts:
  • Don’t blow vapour in someone’s face
  • Don’t vape during a job interview
  • Don’t vape in confined spaces (as per above)
  • Don’t stealth vape
  • Don’t vape while someone is cooking
  • Don’t vape excessively at work
  • Don’t vape strong flavours in public – it’s like perfume, a personal preference

Never assume that it’s acceptable to vape, always check first.

The basic rule of thumb is like with anything, be considerate and respectful. Ask permission before engaging in behaviour that may affect others.