How many vapers really are there?

Getting true figures on how many vapers there are on earth, is difficult.

There are many reasons for this, but the biggest is that vaping products are banned in many countries, which means vapers are less likely to identify themselves as it’s seen as being unlawful.

The latest Reuters survey however, shows a big uptake on vaping in the US. The global company surveyed 5 769 people in the US and found that 10% are vapers or daily vapers. That’s a massive increase from previous years. In 2013 the survey reported 2.6% and in 2014 3.7%. The research shows that most vapers are young and generally men.  A similar trend can be seen in US neighbours Canada and Mexico.

The trend is seen in Mexico even though it has a ban on the sale and use of vaping products since 2013. Vapers in Singapore are facing the same situation. The popularity of vaping products still hugely increased in both countries despite this, with vapers going underground to satisfy their needs. This is bad for everyone as the black market operates without any regulations or safety standards. This means that vapers are more likely to buy and use faulty or poorly made devices and smoking e-liquids containing suspicious ingredients, which can lead to injury, illness or worse in some cases.

Seeing that vaping is on the rise globally, it would stand countries in good stead to rather legalise these products and ensure the safety of its citizens.