November 2017

man vaping vaping facts

Vaping facts everyone gets wrong

Vaping is relatively newly popular and there are a lot of false facts going around. Here are some of the most common facts people get wrong. “Vaping produces second-hand smoke” Vape pens and vaporisers do…
Man smoking tobacco

Japan tobacco sales plummet

Japan is seeing a steep decline in tobacco smoking and an increase in Heat not Burn (HNB) devices. In fact, cigarette sales dropped by 1 billion more than predicted. A local research company was cited…
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An etiquette guideline to vaping

Vaping is gaining rapid popularity. In fact, it’s growing so fast that vapers and non-vapers are unsure what the general dos and don’ts are. Luckily for everyone, social etiquette company Debrett’s put together a guideline.…