Jayden Levy “I have been able to quit smoking due to vaping”

I have successfully moved from traditional cigarettes, and have been able to quit smoking due to vaping (e-cigs). I truly believe vaping offers the safer alternative to smoking.

Shane Wiseman “The change in my health has been phenomenal”

After being a heavy smoker for 15 years and trying everything I could to quit (Zyban, Champix, patched & gum), I discovered e-cigarettes. I have been vaping for 4 years now and have not had a single cigarette in the time! The change in my health has been phenomenal. The coughing and wheezing is gone and I feel like I can breath again. I used to get respiratory tract infections at least 3 times a years, and no longer do. Without the switch to vaping, there was a very real chance that my family would be sitting without a father and husband right now and for this I am truly grateful.

Roxy du Plooy “I no longer suffer from asthma”

The health benefits are great, I can smell better, I can taste better and I no longer suffer from asthma.
My eldest daughter also no longer has asthma. As much as you try keep your children away from second hand smoke you can’t. Cigarette smoke lingers, vapour doesn’t.

Tauriq Jacobs “I feel so much better”

I have regained taste and lost those morning lethargic feelings when waking up. I feel so much better #vapingisthefuture.

Dashiell Hawkins “My stamina and fitness levels are through the roof”

I have been successfully off combustible cigarettes for over 2 years and feel like a new person. My stamina and fitness levels are through the roof, and I have regained taste and smell. I truly believe vaping offers the safer alternative to smoking.

Adriaan Cryuwagen “I have not felt this good in many, many years”

I smoked for more than 15 years and tried many times, with many different products and techniques to quit smoking. The best I could manage was 3 months. I knew that I had to quit as my health was deteriorating and my blood pressure and sugar levels were getting out of control. Try as I may, none of the products on the market helped me quit for good. On recommendation from a friend I started vaping and I have been clean off cigarettes for a year. My blood pressure has stabilised and my sugar levels are normal again and I have not touched my asthma pump since. Vaping is saving my life, keeping me healthy and still providing me with a clean alternative to smoking, which was a habit. If not for health reasons, I would still have smoked because I enjoyed it. Vaping is not smoking. It does not pollute the air like cigarettes do, does not cause second hand smoke which is bad for other people around you and I say again, it is saving my life! I have not felt this good in many, many years.

Sameshen Moodley “Do you classify nicotine patches and gums as tobacco?”

I truly believe vaping offers the safer alternative to smoking with lower risk of cancer as I believe some harmful chemicals in cigarettes causes cancer. Vaping is not a tobacco product, it’s just a way to have nicotine. In that light, are you going to classify nicotine patches and gums as tobacco?

Kobus Kolver “Vaping saved me”

I have been off traditional cigarettes for 227 days today (18/11/2017) and will never go back.
I can breathe better and taste again. Vaping is not the same as smoking – there are NO harmful chemicals and NO combustion. Vaping saved me.

Ian Coleshaw “Vaping literally saved my life”

After smoking for over 20 years I decided to quit. For a period of 7 years I tried every known method to quit smoking – from going cold turkey, using the patch, trying different medications and even hypnosis and acupuncture. Nothing worked as I continually failed and went back to smoking. About 2 years ago I started vaping and within weeks I stopped smoking cigarettes. I haven’t touched a cigarette since then. Physically and mentally I feel a million times better. Vaping literally saved my life.

Craig Jethro “The benefits of switching were almost immediate”

After smoking for 16 years and suffering from shortness of breath and hypertension besides all the other side effects I was able to kick the habit by switching to ecigs. The benefits were almost immediate and after 3 years SMOKE free have a new lease on life and have medically been instructed to stop all hypertension meds as it was not required.

Michael Nortmann “Vaping is the future”

I have successfully quit smoking cancer-causing cigarettes, cigars & hubly bubly. I have been able to quit smoking due to vaping. I fully believe vaping is the safer alternative to smoking. It is also a great base to start new friendships & encourage social behaviour as it is an exciting conversation starter and a major subject for collectors and hobbyists. Smoking is dead. Vaping is the future. AND THE FUTURE IS NOW.

Salvadore Williams “I have more energy and enthusiasm”

I’ve been a pack a day type of smoker for 10 years and tried everything to quit. Patches, gum, you name it, nothing worked until I found out about vaping. Now I have the ability to forget my vape at home and not crave for anything.
I truly believe that vaping is not a tobacco product nor should it be classed as one. Since I’ve switched I’ve been able to breath easier, run for longer, taste food better and I just have more energy and enthusiasm than I did while I was on cigarettes. Don’t class vaping as a tobacco product because then I’ll be forced to stand around smokers and might fall back into the trap.

Carlos Campos “Vaping is not smoking”

After smoking heavily for 32 years (40 to 50 cigarettes per day), I switched to vaping 4 years ago. My health improved dramatically, my taste buds came back to life, I saw a huge improvement in my lifestyle. Smoking cigarettes kills, vaping does not. Vaping is a life saver.

Vaping IS NOT smoking cigarettes.

Mitchell Luthi “I haven’t had a cigarette in well over two years now”

After nearly a decade of smoking I decided that on my 25th birthday I was going to finally quit cigarettes. I’d tried to quit before, either going cold turkey (and failing) or trying to wean myself off (and failing). What made this final attempt different from the previous attempts? On my 25th birthday I received a vaping device from my family. I managed to use it to fend off the worst of the cravings and haven’t had a cigarette in well over two years now. My health has improved dramatically since – I find myself able to exercise more freely, my sense of taste and smell has improved and I no longer cough in the mornings. Vaping has changed my life and it can change the lives of millions more…if it is given a chance.

Laurel Swartz “I’m still getting the nicotine but without the cancer-causing toxins”

Firstly, I’m a diabetic and I often crave something sweet. Vaping fills that gap. I vape something sweet and I’m satisfied. Secondly, even though I gave up smoking 3 years ago, I still crave a cigarette especially in times of high stress. Instead of giving in to that craving, I vape. I’m still getting the nicotine but without the cancer-causing toxins present in cigarettes.