Vision Statement

Overarching message

The Vapour Product Association (VPA) is committed to providing consumers with smoke-free alternatives to traditional cigarettes. VPA is committed to working with Government and regulatory bodies to ensure that our industry is transparent and well-regulated, and that consumers have access to all available information about vapour products.”


The Vapour Product Association (VPA) envisions a smoke-free South Africa and a happier nation able to make their own choices. We believe that the use of vapour products offers an excellent alternative to traditional cigarettes, free from the harmful chemicals associated with cigarette smoke.  


Our mission is to serve as a united, official voice that represents the vapour products industry. We are committed to delivering consumers, Government and the media with up-to-date information in order to make informed policy and purchasing decisions. We recognise the need for a properly regulated industry, and we will work with regulatory bodies and Government to ensure that the vapour products industry is accountable and responsible in its actions. We are also committed to working with research institutions and the medical fraternity to add to the vast body of research in this area.