Japan tobacco sales plummet

Japan is seeing a steep decline in tobacco smoking and an increase in Heat not Burn (HNB) devices. In fact, cigarette sales dropped by 1 billion more than predicted.

A local research company was cited saying that it’s not surprising at all as HNB products are aligned with Japanese values. Since the uptake of the vaping products tobacco companies are looking for opportunities in this market.

Japan Tobacco Inc (JTI), one of the biggest tobacco companies not on in Japan but globally, is struggling even though it commands 60% of the market in the Japan. In order for JTI to stay relevant in the changing market and compete with big corporations such as BAT and PMI, it launched its own HNB device. It’s interesting to note that they are struggling with production in order to keep up with the demand for the vaping product. It is now sold in 500 stores across Tokyo, far more than initially planned and are also testing its demand by selling it in some US states.

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