Just don’t dry burn

The dry burn debate is a contentious one at the best of times. Before we get into why it’s bad, let’s look at what exactly dry burn is.

Dry burn is firing up an atomizer coil with no wick or liquid in order to burn off residual that may have accumulated through usage. It is basically a way of cleaning the coil of your vape. Sometimes it happens unintentionally while vaping.

There are a range of health reasons why vapers should never allow it to happen. The top three are:

  1. The coating of oxidised material formed on the surface can peel off during vaping and inhaled at the same time as the aerosol, in the form of microscopic particles or particular matter.
  2. The latter can cause allergies. IE, nickel is known to cause skin rashes, itching and redness.
  3. The particular matter can also be toxic for organisms.

It can increase the normal corrosion process on the coil surface and deteriorate the quality of the heating element. Toxic or carcinogenic effects are unlikely as the dose is very small.

Unintentional dry burn occurs when there’s very little e-liquid in the tank and thus the cotton isn’t wet enough. Vapers will almost immediately notice when this happens. If dry burn, more commonly known as “taking a dry hit” occurs, it is advised that a new coil is mounted and not to use the burnt one.

Although dry burn does not make vaping worse or as dangerous as smoking, it increases the risk of vapers being exposed to potentially harmful compounds.

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