London’s Fire Brigade urge smokers to switch to e-cigarettes

Stoptober, the UK’s annual quit-smoking campaign, is almost half-way and more and more organisations are coming to the foreground in support of e-cigarettes.

The latest is the London Fire Brigade, who came out saying that the brigade “welcomes Public Health England’s support for e-cigarettes as a key way to help smokers quit tobacco smoking to help reduce the number of smoking related fire deaths.”

Smoking causes more than half of fire deaths in homes in the UK, according to the Fire Brigade. In the last three years, just over 3 580 smoking related fires were reported, in comparison to 15 caused by vaping. They also went on to say that vaping accidents are very rare and up to now have caused no known deaths.

Quitting tobacco is not only better for your health, but can also save you from a home fire due to carelessly discarded cigarettes.

The Fire Brigade does have a message for all vapers out there: “E-cigarette users are reminded they still carry the risk of a fire and they should never leave their e-cigarette on charge while they are away from the house or asleep, and always use the correct type of charger.”

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