New Zealand’s Ministry of Health endorses e-cigarettes

New Zealand’s Ministry of Health came out to say that e-cigarettes can contribute towards having a smoke-free country by 2025.

The ministry started putting measures in place in 2011 already, but it’s the first time that they are endorsing e-cigarettes. At the end of September, we saw Scotland’s NHS do the same for Stoptober.

New Zealand has an approximate 550 000 smokers, and the Ministry was cited saying that smokers who have tried other methods to quit smoking without success are encouraged to try e-cigarettes. Evidence shows that vaping carries less risk than cigarettes.

A decision by Government was taken to place more focus on harm reduction and to support smokers to switch to less harmful products. They do encourage anyone who is trying to quit to seek the help of their local help quitting services in conjunction with other methods such as vaping.

It’s become clear in the last year that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than cigarettes, although not 100% harmless.

“A range of toxicants have been found in e-cigarette vapour including some cancer-causing agents but, in general, at levels much lower than found in cigarette smoke or at levels that are unlikely to cause harm. Smokers switching to e-cigarettes are highly likely to reduce their health risks and for those around them.”

The Ministry of Health in New Zealand will monitor the uptake of e-cigarettes and its health impact on individuals, including long-term effects and effectiveness to quit smoking.

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