Nicotine in cigarettes vs vaping

Nicotine is commonly found in cigarettes and in some e-liquids. We see a lot of smokers trying to quit the habit by incorporating or switching to vaping.

Vapers often try to add the same concentration of nicotine to their e-liquid that is found in cigarettes because they want to get the same experience in both.

This does not always happen because the method of delivery is different and the same concentration won’t result in the same kind of “kick” than a traditional cigarette.

It’s not the nicotine alone that’s responsible for the aforementioned “kick”, but rather a variety of chemicals in traditional cigarettes. Firstly, what exactly is nicotine? It is a mild stimulant which is made more addictive in cigarettes by MOAIs (monoamine oxidase inhibition) that reinforce the pleasure of nicotine in the brain. Further combined with Ammonia makes your brain crave it even more and result in smoking more frequently. This leads to a lot of smoke inhalation that contains tar and carbon monoxide which can lead to diseases including heart disease and cancer.

Nicotine cigarette

If vapers choose to use e-liquid containing nicotine, that’s exactly what they get – none of the other harmful chemicals as listed above. It mixes with propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and flavourings that creates a vapour that smells good. There’s no smoke or tar! Research in fact shows that nicotine is not very addictive at all when the other chemicals are removed.

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