Reasons why vaping works for millions

There is no denying that vaping has helped millions of smokers regain a healthier lifestyle and, in many cases, saved their lives.

A CDC report in 2014 stated that only 3.7% of American adults were habitual e-cigarette users. In 2017 this has shot up dramatically to 9 million users. It’s evident that vaping is assisting smokers kick the habit easier than any other cessation method.

But why does it work?

It feels the same as smoking

The entire vaping experience is similar, if not the same, as smoking. The vapour is delivered to your lungs via inhalation by puffing on a device.

Smokers find it tastes good

New vapers quickly rediscover their sense of smell and taste, that has long-since been dulled by tobacco. They enjoy experimenting with the different flavours. In addition to this, ex-smokers no longer smell of smoke and tobacco, which is a bonus to those surrounding them.

It saves money

It is less expensive than smoking cigarettes. Unless it becomes a hard-core hobby, vapers find that they have a lot more spare cash at the end of the month.

Vaping is versatile

Unlike smoking, vaping can be tailormade for each individual. You can choose from using devices that produce big clouds, or discreet set-ups, choose from different strengths of nicotine and a variety of flavours – even tobacco flavour if you so choose.

Most vapers are ex-smokers

Millions of ex-smokers attribute kicking the habit to vaping and are grateful to have their health back.

The statistics don’t lie, and we see this type of feedback from research surfacing more and more.

Here’s to working together towards a smoke-free society!