UK experts urge smokers to switch to vaping

A new study released by Public Health England (PHE) yet again showed that vaping poses a fraction of the health risk compared to that of traditional cigarettes. It stated that smokers should be encouraged to switch to vaping in attempts to quit.

Vaping is already assisting 20 000 UK smokers to quit on an annual basis. The report goes on to say that the public continues to misunderstand nicotine and that less than 10% of adults are aware that most of the harm in cigarettes aren’t from nicotine but rather from other chemicals and carcinogens.

The report also supports other research that states that the use of e-cigarettes is not a gateway to smoking for young people.

False reports and scaremongering of vaping keep thousands of smokers enslaved to their harmful hobby who have tried other methods to quit but couldn’t. It’s time to give the public the facts so that they can make informed decisions. This also means that e-cigarettes should be made more accessible to those who choose to use them as a cessation device.

The PHE report came hot off the heels of a report by US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine on e-cigarettes. The latter also found that vaping is far less harmful than conventional tobacco cigarettes.

You can read the PHE’s report here.