VapeCon a scented alternative for smokers

VapeCon was held in Pretoria at the Heartfelt arena, from 25 August 2018 until 26 August 2018.

Vapour Product Association (VPA) of South Africa, CEO, Zodwa Velleman said the exhibition was for all vapours to get together and get their message out on smoke-free SA out. “We have three main objectives, one is to ensure that we have appropriate industry regulation, the adequate provision of up-to-date information for informed consumer choices and consistent compliance that is clearly defined “she said.

Those attending will be able to trial the latest flavours, experience the new devices and learn more about the commitment of producers to supply their customers with world-class products.”

The popularity of the VapeCon event and sales of tickets indicates that vaping, far from being a temporary fashion statement, is entrenching itself as the preferred safer alternative to combustible tobacco, says Velleman. Science has proved that e- Cigarette is
95% less harmful and can provide a perfect solution for people who want to switch and/or quit smoking.

Reports from VPA members indicate that every month, thousands of adult smoking South Africans are replacing tobacco cigarettes with e-cigarette. By doing so, they are making a conscious choice to reduce the health risks associated with smoking cigarette.

Nicotine, the ingredient common to most flavoured vapours, is regarded by health authorities globally as the most benign substance found in cigarettes. Responsible vapour producers help make the process even healthier by using only pharmaceutical grade nicotine and certifying the strength of the nicotine in their products.

We believe that the VapeCon will not only be enjoyed by vapers but will also attract people who are tobacco smokers and who are looking to switch and/or quit smoking. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the product, we encourage combustible cigarette smokers and e-cigarette smokers to attend”