Vaping facts everyone gets wrong

Vaping is relatively newly popular and there are a lot of false facts going around. Here are some of the most common facts people get wrong.

“Vaping produces second-hand smoke”

Vape pens and vaporisers do not produce any smoke. Unlike cigarettes and cigars that do when the tobacco is burned, vaping heats a liquid which produces vapour which is not harmful to the environment or others.

“Vape pens are prone to exploding”

There are a lot of stories of exploding vape batteries. Fact is that vape pens and vaporisers most often use rechargeable batteries that need to be cared for as carefully as if it is used in other electric devices. Always use and care for batteries as instructed and don’t use imitation or incompatible batteries with e-cigarettes.

“Vaping is attractive to children”

Although vaping is used as an alternative to tobacco products, it has never been made for or marketed to persons under the age of 18. There is a misconception that fruity flavours are made to appeal to children.

“Nicotine use leads to cancer”

Research shows that nicotine by itself does not cause cancer. It is the mixture of tobacco and a host of other ingredients in cigarettes that produce carcinogens when set alight and smoked that causes cancer.