Vaping: how it saves you money

Ex-smokers are always pleasantly surprised at how much more spare cash they have at the end of the month. Whether they quit or switch to vaping, money is saved.

Whether you want to splurge it on something indulgent or save it for a rainy day, it’s a good chunk of money that you’re not used to having. Just like being a non-smoker saves you money, so does merely switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping.

We admit that the initial costs to get into vaping can be a bit steep, but thereafter it saves you a hefty sum. Here’s how you save.

Firstly, you already save quite a lot by not paying big tobacco taxes. In an attempt to make people quit smoking, a lot of countries impose severe taxes on tobacco products. Even though this has made cigarettes more expensive, it has not proven to show a decline in smoking rates.

Other than the high tobacco taxes, vapers save on the day to day expenses of smoking too by having to purchase e-liquids or pods a lot less frequently than cigarettes. The maintenance costs are fairly low too with only replacing cartridges, coils and the occasional battery.

When calculated, vaping can save you more than half in a year of what you would spend when smoking cigarettes.

Make the switch today. Not only will your health benefit from it, but so will your wallet.