Vaping Myths Debunked
Save Vaping
“We always talk about [vaping’s] dangers. But it must be remembered that e-cigarettes are less toxic than tobacco. And as part of a medical treatment, it is a product that can also help quitting.”- • General Coordinator for the Superior Health Council in Belgium, Fabrice Peters (Nandrin blogs, 26 September 2019)
Save Vaping

Vapour Products Association of South Africa

Vapour Products Association of South Africa (VPASA) represents manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of smoke-free vapour products in South Africa. We have come together to work with government and other stakeholders to develop legal regulations and standards for our industry and to ensure that consumers have access to all available information about vapour products.

We are committed to...

quality and safety in all our products and marketing, and seek to contribute to the growing body of scientific evidence that our products represent a safer alternative to smoking, and have the potential to save millions of lives.


Providing consumers with an alternative to smoking.


Working with government and regulatory bodies to set standards and ensure that our industry is transparent and well-regulated.

Under Age

Ensuring that our products are sold only to adults above the age of 18.


Ensuring that all containers are childproof, have appropriate warning labels, and do not contain potentially harmful components.

Analysing The Market Of Vaping

The report is an economic impact study of the vaping market in South Africa and is not intended to express a health impact assessment of the product on its user’s. This report was commissioned by the VPASA and was compiled independently by Canback Consulting .

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