1. Definition

1.1 Advertising means advertising, marketing, and promotional content and material. It shall include but not
be limited to material and content on conventional media platforms, advertising platforms, social media
platforms, and web pages.

1.2 Vapour products mean vapour devices and vapour e-liquids.

1.3 Vapour devices means rechargeable and non-rechargeable devices that heat vapour e-liquids to create
an aerosol inhaled by the user of the vapour device.

1.4 Vapour e-liquids are liquid formulations used in vapour devices and can be nicotine or non-nicotine

2. Advertising Restrictions

2.1 Advertising shall not target people under 18 years of age or take any action, the primary purpose of which
is to initiate, maintain or increase the incidence of vaping products used by persons under 18 years of

2.2 Advertising shall not:
2.2.1 Include persons under or appearing to be under the age of 25 years;
2.2.2 suggest that the use of vaping products is directly or indirectly associated with social prominence,
distinction, success, or sexual desirability;
2.2.3 depict a vaping product user participating in, or just having participated in, a physical activity requiring
stamina or physical conditioning beyond that of normal recreation;
2.2.4 use the phrase “safer than” when juxtaposed against combustible tobacco;
2.2.5 be placed on the front outside cover of any printed publication;
2.2.6 be placed unless at least 75% or more of its intended audience are people over 18 years of age;
2.2.7 be temporarily or permanently placed within 100 metres of an educational, cultural, and/or sports
location where the attendees are predominantly people under the age of 18. This restriction does not
prevent mobile advertising (e.g., on the side of a taxi) from passing by in the ordinary course of business;
2.2.8 be temporarily or permanently placed at any health care facility. This restriction does not prevent mobile
advertising (e.g., on the side of a taxi) from passing by in the ordinary course of business.

2.3 Advertising claims shall be:
2.3.1 accurate;
2.3.2 factual;
2.3.3 capable of support by verifiable factual and/or scientific documentary evidence; and
2.3.4 in compliance with Clause 4.1 of Section II.

2.4 Advertising claims shall not be:
2.4.1 confusing;
2.4.2 misleading;
2.4.3 containing medicinal or health benefit claims unless the claim is related to a specific vapour product
registered in accordance with the Medicines and Related Substances Act No 101 of 1965 as amended
(and further subject to paragraph 2.3 above).2.5 Advertising related to nicotine-containing vapour products shall contain the following warning, or a
warning with the same meaning: “This product contains nicotine and is addictive”.

2.6 Advertising juxtaposed against combustible tobacco must be couched in cautious terms such as “less
harmful than” (and further subject to paragraph 2.3 above).

2.7 Advertising on directly or indirectly owned, managed, or controlled social media platforms and web pages
shall clearly indicate that the intended target audience is persons 18 years of age and older and contain
measures to verify and restrict access to persons 18 years of age and older with an appropriate warning
that the content is not for persons under 18 years of age.