VPASA Diginar Snippets

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VPASA Youth Access Prevention Guidelines

We launched our Youth Access Prevention campaign in March 2021. The campaign saw manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of EVPs under VPASA pledge to not sell vapour products to under-18s – or be subjected to a disciplinary process. Our focus is twofold: to self-regulate our members to protect access to youth while also securing the right to the use of EVPs by existing adult vapers and smokers who are seeking a less-harmful alternative to combustible cigarettes. Read more, as well as check out our guidelines below.

Analysing the Market of Vaping and Its Economic Impact in South Africa - Canback Consulting Study, 2018

The first economic impact study of the vaping industry in South Africa was undertaken by Canback Consulting in 2018. It found that the vaping market here was worth more than R1 billion and supported over 4000 full-time jobs.

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The Economic Impact of the Vaping Industry in South Africa - NKC African Economics Study, 2021

This study is the second of its kind and shows that in 2019, the vaping industry in South Africa contributed R2.49 billion in GVA to the economy, paid R710 million in taxes and employed approximately 9500 people. The study goes further to outline the likely impact of the proposed Control of Tobacco Products and Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems Bill (COTPENDS) on the industry.

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Economic Impact of the Vaping Industry in South Africa Summary Infographic - 2021

Our infographic looking at the direct, indirect and induced impact of the vaping industry in South Africa. View it here. 

Smoking vs Vaping Infographic - 2021

What you need to know to discern between the two. View it here.

All-Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping Inquiry Report Summary Infographic - 2021

This infographic looks at the key areas and findings from the inquiry into the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control leading up to the Conference of Parties 9. View it here.